Kirsten Richert

Kirsten Richert is an innovation expert who consults with business and non-profit leaders on transforming results. Her teaching draws upon her experience in three core disciplines–business management, ideation methodology, and facilitation. Formerly Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at Pearson, the world’s leading educational textbook publisher, Kirsten oversaw the creation of breakthrough “digital-first” K-12 curriculum. Trained as a corporate on-call innovation coach, she helped teams plan new efforts, generate ideas, and execute on strategies. Now an innovation catalyst, Kirsten leads change efforts for organizations, especially in the areas of education and human development.

Kirsten received her undergraduate degree in Social Science from Hampshire College, her Master’s degree in Education from Teacher’s College at Columbia University, and her training in innovation and facilitation methods from SIT (Systematic Inventive Thinking) and ToP (Technology of Participation). She hosts the change management podcast Getting Unstuck: Educators Leading Change and is the author of Shifting: How School Leaders Can Create a Culture of Change.