Pinar Guvenc

Pinar Guvenc (she/her) is Partner at SOUR - an award-winning hybrid design studio with the mission to address social and urban problems - where she leads business and design strategy. Prior to SOUR, Pinar co-founded various ventures where she helped set up and grow them through incubation, achieving international recognition and funding from innovation centers and accelerators such as Plug and Play and Climate KIC.

Pinar is part-time faculty at Parsons School of Design, MS in the Strategic Design and Management program. She serves on the Board of Directors at Open Style Lab, a National Design Award-winning nonprofit organization initiated at MIT, with the purpose of making style accessible to people with disabilities.

Pinar is a frequent public speaker, lecturer, and host of the podcast “What’s Wrong With”: a series of discussions with progress makers and experts to diagnose problems in industries, ideate solutions and raise awareness among the general public.

She has a BSc in Industrial Engineering and a MSc in Economics and Finance.