Pinar Guvenc

Since 2015, Pinar has been a Partner at SOUR (formerly known as Eray/Carbajo), an international, award-winning architecture and design studio with the mission to address social and urban problems through sustainable, adaptive, and inclusive methodologies. In addition to managing the business operations, Pinar leads the strategic planning, research, and partnership efforts of the studio.

Prior to SOUR, Pinar co-founded a series of business ventures in which she helped the company set up infrastructure and grow through funding or incubation, achieving international recognition and awards. New York Functional Furniture—an e-commerce platform for functional furniture designed in NYC—was acquired by Lazzoni, USA after its showroom opening in 2015 and the clean-tech startup Sponge Inc. won three international awards, and has been accepted to the EU’s Climate KIC Accelerator in the Netherlands and the Plug and Play Incubator in California.

Pinar is also part-time faculty at Parsons School of Design Strategies and serves on the Board of Directors of Open Style Lab, a nonprofit organization initiated at MIT, with the purpose of making style accessible to people of all abilities. Pinar is a frequent public speaker and guest lecturer, as well as panel and podcast host of What’s Wrong With, a series of discussions with progress makers and experts to diagnose real problems, ideate solutions, and raise awareness among the general public.