The NYC manufacturing community is a cross-section of New York itself with a wide-ranging cast of characters and products, from jams and hot sauce to marine data collection equipment and airplane parts.

In the Member Stories collected below, we zoom in on specific member businesses through photography, interviews and video to highlight their unique stories and introduce you to their process.


“When I started my brand in my garage and had pop ups there it was a place to shop, network and b…

Selena’s Gourmet

“Looking back, I realized food was the center of my world. It brought the family together as well…

Ho Ho’s Hole In the Wall

“It’s important for me to represent and incorporate Latin culture in my work, to celebrate its ri…

Oleology Soap

“I love to use ingredients that remind me of my childhood in San Sebastián, Puerto Rico. Ingredie…

By Salo

“As a proud Ecuadorian-born artist, I learned to always repurpose materials, aiming to minimize e…

Aspen Apothecary

The Bronx
Keta and Kaja Burke-Williams’ non-toxic perfumes are inspired by their Jamaican mother and made i…
In New York City’s ravenous real estate market, space for industrial production is increasingly scarce, despite the critical role manufacturing plays in keeping the gears of our city moving. From electric equipment that powers the subway system and the Wall Street trading floor to personal protective gear for our brave healthcare workers—manufacturers literally keep NYC alive. Come behind the scenes with us as we visit factories across New York City and see up close the precision, skill and craft that go into making the products we love and keep our city running.


Avalah is an affordable, all-natural skincare brand based in Brooklyn. We sat with the founder, A…

Grandaisy Bakery

“We’re trying to be a community bakery, a place that people can come to and feel like, ‘Oh, this …

Amy’s Bread

“Manufacturing is a lot different than it used to be in New York,” Amy says. “You have to look at…


In 2014, David Lee founded Smith+Parka with the vision that good products embody function, impecc…


“In general, doing ceramics in New York City is really hard. It’s kind of Sisyphean. Everything’s…

Modern Art Foundry

“Our name is on 100,000 statues—and that’s a significant part of history,” says Jeffrey Spring.