Product Photography Studios

With photography being a significant cost for businesses, this special opportunity is designed to deliver top-quality product photography for free to NYC-based manufacturers and makers, while allowing participants to experience firsthand what goes into a photoshoot and ask questions in a space for learning.

During a one-hour photo session, participants will have their product photographed professionally on a white seamless backdrop and will receive 5 high-resolution images of their product. Participants can bring in additional materials and props to style their product. If captured, additional raw unedited files will be available for the participant to retouch on their own.

Outcomes For Participants:
* Professional product photography for participants suitable for press, social media and websites
* Deeper understanding of photoshoot logistics from prep to finish
* Creative problem solving for how to photograph your product by working in a photo environment which embraces learning

10am – 5pm
10am – 5pm

DIY Photography

This two-part workshop series offers lessons for enhancing your photography skills. Choose from sessions in photographic capture and post-production editing, with both workshops offered in Fall 2023 and Spring 2024. Participants may choose whether to take one or both sessions.

Camera Controls and Lighting focuses on the basics of camera settings, whether on a phone or digital camera, and the importance of managing and knowing how to manipulate light. Participants’ existing photography practices will undergo constructive peer review, crafting strategies to enhance product representation on websites and social media. Explore creative strategies for product and editorial photography, enriched by practical demonstrations of cost-effective styling solutions.

Photo Retouching is dedicated to demystifying the post-production process, focusing on basic photo editing and retouching skills using both free and subscription-based editing software. The workshop aims to empower participants with the essential tools necessary to elevate and refine their company’s images and visual assets, enhancing and correcting them effectively. Participants will learn how to correct common problems with color and contrast as well as object removal, and are encouraged to bring in their own images to practice with during the session.

Both classes will take place at Pratt Institute’s Manhattan campus. Participants are welcome to join one or both sessions.

Registration deadlines:
* Camera Controls and Lighting: Thursday, March 7, 2024
* Photo Retouching: Thursday, March 21, 2024

5:30pm – 9:30pm
5:30pm – 9:30pm

Factory Photography

Through our Factory Photography program, members selected will work with a photographer in capturing what makes your factory/manufacturing space unique. Selected factories will schedule a short photoshoot and sit-down interview with our team on-location. This photoshoot will capture your factory’s capabilities, unique offerings, as well as your team in action. After the photoshoot, participants will be allowed to select five images to be professionally retouched. These images are available for each factory to use and share freely. Made in NYC will produce a feature for the Made in NYC website based off this interview and photography as part of our Member Stories: Factory Tours series.

Following registration, the Made in NYC team will review applicants and will prioritize members with unique manufacturing services who have not recently received photography opportunities. We will coordinate shoot days in locations with multiple nearby members and contact selected members to schedule your shoot day and time.

Outcomes For Participants:
* Professional photoshoot of your manufacturing space, including processes, personnel, and more
* 5 retouched photos and access to all photographs from the shoot
* A sit-down interview to form a website feature and social media campaign by Made in NYC

Registration will be available in early January 2024

Lifestyle Photography

This program invites participants to bring their products to life in authentic environments, with visually-interesting backgrounds and models. While white background product photography serves e-commerce platforms, lifestyle photography and showing products in use is equally pivotal, both to reflect brand identity and illustrate seamless integration into everyday life.

This is a new program that we will pilot on one day: Friday, November 10 on Pratt Institute’s Main Campus in Brooklyn. Each participating member will be required to join us for two and a half hours, in which they will receive 45 minutes of photography for their business and will rotate to assist two fellow members and the photography team.

Morning group: 10:00am - 12:30pm
Afternoon group: 1:30pm - 4:00pm

Participating businesses will be required to bring their own model(s) to the shoot, and are encouraged to bring props and other materials to infuse character.

Outcomes For Participants:
* 45-minute session of professional lifestyle photography for participants suitable for press, social media and websites
* A deeper understanding of photoshoot logistics from prep to finish
* Creative problem solving for how to photograph your product by working in a photo environment which embraces learning

Rain date scheduled for Saturday, November 11

10am – 4pm