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Aspen Apothecary

The Bronx
Keta and Kaja Burke-Williams were inspired to create Aspen Apothecary after remembering a story of their mother stumbling into a garden in Tunisia at night, fragrant with jasmine. You can smell that same jasmine as the top note of their Moon Dust perfume: a personal story becomes collective joy, memory made material after just one spritz.

“We create transcendent moments of scent through our non-toxic perfumes. We are inspired by our Jamaican mother and our fragrances are made in NYC so we like to say we are immigrant inspired, US made.”

Keta and Kaja’s care for detail extends throughout their entire collection:

“Not only are we two Black founders, we’re also sisters, and we infuse self-care into our fragrances, which is why we include CBD in some of our perfumes! We are thrilled to partner with Delbia Do [@delbiado], a Bronx, minority, woman-owned manufacturer to create our perfumes.”

Learn more about what Keta and Kaja are concocting.

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