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By Salo


“As a Latinx-business owner, and generally as a Latina, I’m constantly supposed to prove my worth and the value of the things I make in the US society. The biggest challenge for myself was to overcome my fear to put my products out there and let the audiences decide for themselves if the product was for them or not. Eventually I became more confident in my aesthetic and built a loyal customer base that loves different designs made out of repurposed materials.”

Salomé Egas is an Ecuadorian mestiza performer, educator and founder of by Salo, a fashion brand that makes unique, sustainable and modern clothing and accessories using repurposed materials. Every new “messy drop” — as Salomé calls her new collections — BY SALO sources recycled or deadstock materials to create something completely new, unique, modern.

“As a proud Ecuadorian-born artist, I learned to always repurpose materials, aiming to minimize environmental impact. Growing up Latina, adaptability was a value I had to learn from the get-go. When I became an immigrant, it was reinforced, and so, I’m currently understanding the cycles of creation I go through and how I can make this practice sustainable not only for the environment but for myself too!”

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