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Eddy’s Brand


Carla Farina learned to knit as a young child, sometime between collecting Polly Pockets and memorizing the Backstreet Boys lyrical library. Carla had studied and worked in the fashion industry for a decade prior to starting her own business, but her experience with fast fashion in the corporate world resulted in a desire to create with less waste.

Thus, Eddy’s Brand launched in 2019 with the sustainable focus of reuse, honing in on the idea that most necessary things already exist and we have to be creative on how to reuse to meet our needs.

Eddy’s Brand sweaters and beanies for babies and toddlers are made from second-hand sweaters, unraveled, and knit anew. Handmade in small batches in Flushing, Queens, the company is determined to limit waste wherever possible, using second-hand, pre-loved cotton, creating essential garments to keep little ones cozy and warm.

Since children grow out clothing sizes seemingly every season, Eddy’s Brand is launching a quarterly subscription service to alleviate this shopping burden—allowing parents to receive one new pullover, one pair of pants, and one beanie seasonally. Called the Eddy’s Pack, the set features classic knit styles with super soft recycled cotton, and is the perfect gift for the little ones in your life.

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