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Ho Ho’s Hole In the Wall


“I’ve felt in the past that people haven’t taken me seriously because, as an immigrant, English isn’t my first language. I’ve felt that people sometimes expect Latinx labor or products to stand at a lower rate/price. I don’t feel this way so much anymore, but I had to work hard to get myself out there and achieve recognition.”

Natali Koromoto Martinez is an illustrator and designer, born and raised in Venezuela, now living in New York City. She is also the co-founder of HO HOS HOLE IN THE WALL, a boutique she utilizes as a canvas for illustration-inspired wearable pieces. HO HOS HOLE IN THE WALL is focused on making fun casual unisex styles in inclusive sizes with a sustainability-oriented mindset. All of their pieces are made in small batches in the Garment District and Long Island City, using carefully sourced materials.

“I wanted the freedom to create my designs on my terms,” Natali says, “I have always enjoyed creating characters with fun clothing, and bringing them into the real world for others to enjoy has always been a dream of mine. It’s important for me to represent and incorporate Latin culture in my work, to celebrate its richness and what it has imparted and inspired in me.”

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