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Oleology Soap


“Being a Latina-owned business gives me freedom to represent and express my culture. I feel like the challenge for me has been my primary language (Spanish). Sometimes the way I want to present my products, the description or the Spanish expression can not be translated or will lose the meaning that I am trying to convey.”

Bank officer by day and soap maker by night, Veronica Arocho is the founder of Oleology Soap. An island girl through and through, all of Veronica’s soaps are inspired by the Caribbean. “I love to use ingredients that remind me of my childhood in San Sebastián, Puerto Rico. Ingredients that I was able to find in my patio, ingredients that remind me of my grandma and her homemade remedies.”

From Aloe, Avocado, Calendula, Hibiscus, Coconut, Sea Mud and other tropical ingredients, Oleology Soap uses only the finest natural, natural, vegan, parabens- free and animal cruelty-free ingredients. Each product is handcrafted in Brooklyn using the timeless cold-processed soap making method.

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