Factory Tours

Sasha Primak

Sasha Primak is a full-service jewelry manufacturer — from product development to having a design rendering department, casting division, diamond department and a jewelry finishing set-up. Established in 1978, Sasha Primak utilizes old-world Russian and Italian craftsmanship along with state–of–the–art technology. Sasha Primak began his journey as an immigrant — migrating from the Soviet Union while spending some time in Italy where his interest in jewelry making was piqued. While navigating uncharted waters in the US, he went on to found his eponymous brand which is now known for its precision and attention to customer service.
We spoke to David Primak, the Chief Operating Officer and son of founder Sasha Primak, to understand more about how Sasha Primak operates in New York City. They do custom work for stores all over the country, work with up-and-coming designers on product development and manufacture jewelry for the big brands housed on Fifth Avenue. Primak takes great pride in the people who shape the brand — at the atelier as well as at the design and administrative level. The diversity in the workforce has helped Sasha Primak maintain its status as a domestic jewelry manufacturer to reckon with. David is quick to remind us that craftsmanship is a learned trade with “no real school for it” and he often sees it being continued generationally, “And they’ve been in this world their whole life and it’s a skill that’s traded down through families. So a lot of the guys are fourth generation setters and jewelers.” The job isn’t easy and requires a lot of patience but Primak seems open to the possibility of training people who are interested in taking this path.
In an industry that is cut-throat with competitive pricing available overseas, Sasha Primak stands out for several reasons. “In the industry, we’re known for very high quality, and extremely good customer service, because we do the whole manufacturing processes here, A to Z. we don’t outsource anything at all. So that separates us in a big way.,” Primak shared. They’re also able to source any kind of gems or diamonds that their clients want through their network. The fluid, collaborative environment between the making space and the client servicing side allows for quick, easy communication and therefore, speedier response time to client requests. Someday, they’d also hope to branch out into ceramic and titanium jewelry while staying in New York. They hope to stay in the city because of their highly specialized workforce, the sense of family that they’ve built over the years, and the easy commute for their skilled artisans, but mainly because, “Well, everything is in New York.”