Factory Tours

Woodside Press

Woodside Press began in 1993 in Woodside, Queens and moved to its current location in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 1998. They create printed items of the highest quality for individual, business, and institutional clients, offering custom letterpress printing, foil stamping, hot metal typesetting, and small edition bookbinding.
Photography by Jacob Grumulaitis

Woodside offers typesetting and type-reproduction services to New York City’s graphic design community, and is a leading facility for hot-metal typography, with Linotype and Ludlow type casting machines and an impressive range of classic and decorative typefaces.

Woodside Press has built an unparalleled collection of late 19th and 20th century printing type, including foundry type to set by hand, and a variety of wooden type for posters and headlines. Woodside Press has produced work for many New York City institutions including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Juilliard School, and the Museum of Modern Art.