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Anasa Greaves started her clothing line, Unisa Eurani , from her garage. Although not her ideal choice, starting a business from her home echoes a family history: her grandmother sewed all the clothes for her eight children in Guyana. Everyone loved her grandmother’s clothes so much, she decided to start a clothing business of her own. Now, in New York City, Anasa carries the family tradition with a clothing line named after her grandmother, Eunice Grannum.

“When I started my brand in my garage and had pop ups there it was a place to shop, network and build community and that’s the heart of Unisa Eurani, being fearless, empowering, humble and in love,” Anasa says.

Unisa Eurani fuses streetwear and classic tailoring offering their customers quality, comfort and consistency. Incorporating bold pops of color, patterns and hand drawn textiles, Anasa’s expert tailoring experiments with contrasting silhouettes to create a vision that’s in a class of its own.

What’s remarkable about Anasa is her ability to translate her vision into a variety of lines. Unisa Eurani’s ready-to-wear collection offers two distinct, unisex lines: Basics and the UE Capsule. The UE Capsule in particular notably offers interchangeable garments designed for any season or occasion.
“In today’s economy I want to offer my customers clothing that they know will last whether it’s the Upbringing Hoodie or the Asymmetrical Duster. I want my clients to know that their clothing is made with love and made to last.”

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