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Holiday Gifts Made in NYC 2023

Posted on December 6, 2023 / Campaign

Join us in supporting local businesses and celebrating the creativity and craftsmanship of our Made in NYC community this holiday season. We’ve compiled a fantastic list of gift-able, locally-made items that range from handmade skincare products to artisanal chocolate and hot sauces. The guide consists of 5 categories, making it easy to find holiday gifts Made in NYC for everyone on your list!

Gifts that Pamper: Beauty and wellness items
Gifts to Savor: Goodies and food items
Gifts to Style: Fashion and accessories
Gifts to Cherish: Locally crafted treasures for the home
Gifts that Shine: Jewelry

Gifts that Pamper


Unlock the joy of giving with Avalah’s commitment to all-natural self-care, ensuring sustainable and luxurious gifts for your loved ones. Explore the curated selection of supreme skin, hair, beard, and home essentials.

Babe of Brooklyn

Steeped in family tradition, Babe of Brooklyn has been a staple in the grooming industry since the 1960s, originally as a barbershop. With decades of experience in hair, beauty, and men’s grooming, they’ve evolved to create a sophisticated apothecary line of wellness products.


HelloCues is a Black-owned business catering to personal care for men of color. Made with natural ingredients and plant-based solutions, HelloCues offers candles, beard oils, and creams.

In Reverence Of, Parfums

In Reverence Of, Parfums makes heady, delightful perfumes and pride themselves on their slow luxury process. Timeless scents and responsibly-sourced oils make this perfume smell like no other—and they’re cruelty & phthalate-free and vegan!

DeAndra Craigman Studios

Delight your senses with artisanal candles from DeAndra Craigman Studios. Infuse warmth into your holiday season with hints of cardamom, patchouli, and more. Nothing says pamper and self-care more than artisanal candles that come paired with curated playlists!

Gifts to Savor

Milène Jardine Chocolatier

Meet Milène Jardine Chocolatier, a woman-owned and operated luxury label redefining the art of indulgence. Founder Milène Jardine draws inspiration from her global travels. Her treats, locally-crafted in NYC, are infused with the finest fruits, herbs, and spices.

Queen Majesty Hot Sauce

Raised on Frank’s Hot Sauce, Erica Diehl, the flavor pioneer behind Queen Majesty Hot Sauce, embarked on a quest to craft hot sauces that were not only hotter but also bursting with rich flavors. Channeling her Sicilian roots, Erica crafted her hot sauces with the same love and care her grandmother poured into her traditional pasta sauce.


Step into the world of RIND, the award-winning vegan cheese company that calls Brooklyn home. RIND Cheese, co-founded by Dina DiCenso and Joshua Katcher, stands as a true trailblazer in the industry, notably breaking new ground with the world’s first vegetable-based melty cheese slices—made with carrots!

Cobblestone Candies

Give the sweet magic of Cobblestone Candies’ locally-crafted caramel candies this holiday season. Originally from Nigeria, the talented Preye Okah has been crafting candy for over 20 years, and her confections have often been cherished by family and friends as heartfelt holiday gifts.

The Boiis Co

Explore the delectable mochi deserts and pastries crafted by The Boiis Co. Founded by the dynamic duo Kert Lasdoce and Rivy-Major Oponda, this Filipino-owned mochi bakery in NYC is sure to delight any mochi enthusiast on your list!

Gifts to Style

Naomi Nomi

In the fast-fashion era, NAOMI NOMI stands out for its commitment to sustainability. They offer made-to-order items and partner with a nonprofit empowering women from low-income and immigrant communities to build living wage careers in sustainable fashion.

Nelise Nasheida Textiles

Founder Nelise Nasheida Charles is not just a textile artist but also a printmaker, natural dyer, and woodworker based in Brooklyn. Hailing from Saint George’s, Grenada, Nelise draws on her Caribbean heritage to craft exquisitely patterned scarves under her brand.

Kirrin Finch

Rigid fashion norms are so last season! Enter Kirrin Finch, the evergreen brand that defies gendered apparel conventions, embracing freedom and identity in all its forms. Offering menswear-inspired clothing tailored for female and non-binary bodies, Kirrin Finch presents a collection ranging from shirts to suits.

Katerina NYC

Kathy Karadza wears many hats, from creating costumes for Broadway, film, and television productions to running her atelier, Katerina NYC. In her atelier, she meticulously hand-crafts timeless leather bags and accessories using remnants from luxury handbags made in Italy and the US and locally sourced materials.

Shop Katerina NYC

Terese Sydonna

Founded by Jamaican-born and New York-bred designer Terese Brown, Terese Sydonna’s products showcase a vibrant mixture of Jamaican culture, Japanese art, and architectural inspiration. With a commitment to sustainability, her creations boast water-based, contaminant-free prints, marrying style and environmental consciousness.

Shop Terese Sydonna

Gifts to Cherish

Dune Brooklyn

Step into the world of Dune Brooklyn, where artistry meets purpose. Founded by Heather Shevlin in 2021, Dune Brooklyn‘s space and designs are inspired by the sensorial experiences of the desert. Every piece is wheel-thrown and handmade in Heather’s Brooklyn studio, and celebrates the joy within rituals.

Pottery By Gracie
Gracie is a maker based out of Manhattan. She loves to see friends and family use functional art like tableware to home decor. She believes in holiday magic where the sentiment behind handmade items makes for amazing and meaningful holiday gifts!
Super String Theory Design

Super String Theory Design is Sahara Briscoe’s brainchild where she takes you on an entire fibre-to-textile journey. She aims to elevate the most important furnishings that we use for the essentials of life–to eat, sleep, nurture and protect and designs them to withstand the love of repeated use.

Shop Super String Theory Design


CW&T or Charlie Whiskey Tango is run by the dynamic duo of Che-Wei Weng and Taylor Levy. They make gizmos and everyday objects with a different look and feel, often adding multifunctionality through their work. Shower your loved ones with items from sleek jump ropes or a portable countdown capsule.

Shop CW&T

Shop Volta

Meet Sarah Djarnie Brown, the creative force behind Shop Volta! For Sarah, doll making is a way for her to connect with doll makers before her — a historical practice connected to slavery. After a transformative trip to Ghana, Sarah was inspired to make Shop Volta a force to reckon with through art reflecting African Folklore, Afro-futurism and all people of the African Diaspora.

Shop Shop Volta

Gifts that Shine

Topolski Jewelry

Jenny Topolski prides herself on creating hand carved, acid etched jewelry in Nolita, NYC that can also be custom-made. Between their pizza slice pendant and personalised photo locket necklace, you’ll be sorted to elevate your gifting game this holiday season.

Shop Topolski Jewelry

Adriatic Jewelry

Discover the artistry behind Adriatic Jewelry, pieced together intricately by designer Rebecca Fragola, who draws inspiration from NYC’s and the feel of the Adriatic. With a BFA in metalsmithing and additional education from F.I.T. and GIA, Rebecca’s leads with passion and strives for ethical and sustainable practices.

Shop Adriatic Jewelry

Brown Sage Designs

Alana Brown heads Brown Sage Designs which makes handmade jewelry, right here in NYC! Her Caribbean roots and influence helps her create beautiful adornments that are guaranteed to boost confidence and self-image to carry one through the day.

Shop Brown Sage Designs

Mimi So Fine Jewelry

Luxury meets substance at Mimi So Fine Jewelry. Born and raised in New York City, Mimi So has built an Asian American luxury empire through her brand with iconic jewels and one-of-a-kind creations. Her designs reflect fearlessness, creativity and function, and she only uses ethically sourced diamonds, precious gemstones, and metals for her jewelry.

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