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9/17/20 Greening Industry Webinar: Navigating Local Law 97

Posted on September 17, 2020 / Webinar
On Thursday, September 17th, Made in NYC hosted a webinar to discuss the impacts Local Law 97 will have on business operations, costs, and energy efficiency for NYC manufacturers. We partnered with the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, USL Technology Inc., and Greenpoint Manufacturing & Design Center to answer questions on how to navigate the intricacies of Local Law 97 and find sustainable solutions when leasing or running an industrial business. The full webinar recording along with notes and resources are available below for reference.


Fatou Jabbie
Founder, USL Technology
Brian Coleman
CEO, Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center
Elissa Knight
Policy Analyst, NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability
Rebekah Morris
Senior Program Manager, Pratt Center for Community Development
Joanna Reynolds
Manager of Programs & Partnerships, Made in NYC

OneNYC 2050

  • A strategic plan published in 2019 to confront the climate crisis.
  • Consists of 30 initiatives across 8 goals to secure our city’s future.
  • Volume 7: A Livable Climate aims to achieve carbon neutrality and attain 100% clean electricity by the year 2050 through the transformation of the city’s buildings, energy, transportation, and waste sectors.

A Brief Timeline of NYC Building Energy Legislation

2009 Greener Greater Buildings Plan

  • LL84 Energy Benchmarking
  • LL85 NYC Energy Conservation Code
  • LL87 Energy Audits & Retro-Commissioning
  • LL88 Lighting Upgrades & Sub-Metering

2018 Improvements to the Energy Code

  • LL32 Upgrades for the NYC Energy Conservation Code

2019 Climate Mobilization Act

  • LL92/94 Green Roofs–These laws require that the roofs of new buildings or major renovations be covered in green roofs or solar PV systems.
  • LL95 Energy Grades–This is an amendment to LL33, requiring that buildings post energy efficiency grades.
  • LL96 Clean Energy Financing–This law establishes a sustainable energy loan program, known as PACE financing. This loan stays with the building, rather than the owner — therefore, when the building is sold, the owner won’t have to worry about making further payments.
  • LL97 GHG Intensity Limits–This law aims to achieve reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 by requiring existing buildings over 25,000 square feet in NYC to meet strict emissions limits starting in 2024, which will continue to incrementally be reduced over time.